New extensions under development

07. March 2017

In the effort to keep mobiTOUCH up-to-date and to provide new features, two new extensions are currently under development.


The MTDMS is a full-range document management system, directly implemented in mobiTOUCH 3.0. In addition to the document management, it will also contain a workflow mapping to use documents directly in processes. The document is always linked to the material flow and can be found directly and simply via mobiTOUCH.


MTESL is an integration of so-called electronic smart labels. These electronic labels are already widely used in the retail sector and have proved their worth. With MTESL, mobiTOUCH 3.0 is further developing the labels to integrate the advantages directly into the material flow of the intralogistics. For example, supply needs can be shown directly on a label.

Video of the week

12. January 2017

SPF GmbH is pleased to present you a video of the week. As part of a growing video documentation, we are now presenting a new video on our website every week. In addition to general process documentation, videos with tips and tricks around mobiTOUCH are shown. We are therefore sure that not only new user but also "old" hares might find something.

TAKATA - Arad, Romania

01. September 2016

After many years of successful cooperation, TAKATA AG decided to operate its biggest plant in europe, located in Arad (Romania), with the support of SPF GmbH and mobiTOUCH.

At the beginning of September, the plant in Arad will go live with ist own mobiTOUCH-System.

ZUGFeRD - now with mobiTOUCH

15. May 2016

mobiTOUCH now provides implementation oft he ZUGFeRD-Format to support the forthcoming needs of our customers to be able to use the ZUGFeRD-Format for electronic invoices. Ready for ZUGFeRD with mobiTOUCH 3.0.

MTWEB - First project online

01. February 2016

The development of the MTWEB extension is proceeding with great success. On February 1st 2016, the first MTWEB project was launched: An empties management portal for MES Logistik GmbH. The goal is a uniform and clear management of an empties cycle. MES Logistik GmbH is the manager and cleaner of the empties which can be ordered by customers online via the MTWEB. In addition, customers organize emptie transfers among each other via the portal. Thanks to the integration into the mobiTOUCH system, MES Logistik GmbH is always informed about the remaining of the empties and can monitor traffic via the desktop application MTCLI.