Increasing productivity by a uniform ergonomic approach

The MT CLIENT is the central user front-end for all mobiTOUCH applications, and is based on a uniform ergonomic approach, which ensures high productivity.

With a dedicated design and a number of customised functions, processing times of work steps can be reduced, resulting in a high degree of customer acceptance. The mobiTOUCH desktop applications guarantee a uniform and simultaneously flexible operation and a design tailored to the customer, role and user, equipped with intuitive tools such as:

  • Own designs for the display of the data required by the specialist departments
  • Definition of combination views from various tables and databases
  • View combinations such as hierarchy view, parent-detail/child-list view
  • Bookmarks within the application
  • Configurable navigation
  • Saved search settings and multi-stage search enquiries
  • Coupling of search enquiries with an interval or a schedule for a cockpit
  • Quick-start options