Intuitive condition display of the work progress and tracking

mobiTOUCH offers as standard comprehensive overviews and views of all relevant data. So that every company can provide flexible information, mobiTOUCH integrates in the form of MT COCKPIT a tool with which specifically designed views of the database can be generated. With the input editor new cockpits can be created at any time, and existing cockpits updated, without requiring any modification of the database.

MT COCKPIT visualises actual situations and developments based on the status quo. This enables the transparent presentation of the requirements of the material flow with its dispositive characteristics, such as:

  • Supplier cockpits
    • dispositive ranges at article level (incoming and outgoing articles)
  • Line cockpits of production
    • Calculated dispositive ranges at the level of calculated parts list component quantities
  • Requirement cockpits
  • MHD cockpits (with delivery or loading date) at container and/or batch level
  • Utilisation diagrams of transport resources

Cockpits provide information on warehouse movements and waiting times of articles at different levels of the transport path of the relevant transport chain. They therefore serve as a tool for the production of internal intralogistics key figures.

MT COCKPIT generates a number of new views of existing database tables, or creates completely new virtual tables, summarising the required data from several tables. If all relevant data, e.g. for goods receipt, for the department concerned are divided amongst three tables, MT COCKPIT produces a view which consolidates all the necessary data. The relevant data is defined by the department itself, offering every department in the company the best possible data view.

MT COCKPIT evaluates these data, for example in order to create graphic statistics, to simulate forecasts and to give a quick overview of still open deliveries or orders. In this case, the user does not have to evaluate different tables.

All these features can be combined with each other in order to enable monitoring with a single cockpit. The data are always up to the current status. All views created can be flexibly sorted, filtered and consolidated.