Process information perfectly compressed and analysed

MT CUBE compresses and analyses all assembled process information such as:

  • Articles
  • Containers
  • Container movements
  • Warehouse stocks
  • Goods receipts
  • Deliveries
  • Dispatch operations
  • Turnover

Several employees access the data in parallel, and generate by easy self-service the required adhoc evaluations, interactive reports and analyses. The increases the transparency of shared work processes and speeds up the performance analysis in the departments.

Reports are designed and produced easily and intuitively to Excel standards. All reports are linked with the data, and so ensure continual currency. New reports are only needed if a new view of the data is required.

Thanks to the data model, reports are not only always up to the latest status, but can also be called up from almost anywhere via a browser. Current views of the reports are exported as PDF files or Excel sheets, and are therefore also usable for the offline area.

Report views and processing level can be individually controlled by the setup of unlimited users and roles. Reports are released for selected groups, such as for customers and partners; selected users are authorised for individual processing operations. The MT CUBE reports are available on the mobiTOUCH network for interactive selection with different enquiry parameters.