Modify standard dialogues for tables with ease

The mobiTOUCH Table and Interface Designer adapts the look-and-feel of the standard dialogues for tables quickly and with ease. The relevant departments level the views and interfaces of the tables in order to generate the objects and figures required for their work processes.

In this way, specific views can be produced from the data views pre-defined by the departments using the basic tables. The MT DESIGNER thus integrates former island solutions into the mobiTOUCH environment.

Individual Designs

  • Menu
  • Dialogue tabs
  • Groups
  • Labels
  • Plausibilities
  • Read-only fields
  • System/role/user

The Table Designer extends basic tables by fields from other tables, without changing anything about the database structure. References and assignments remain preserved in the database, the modification only takes place visually in the MT CLIENT. Various designs are offered for different user groups. Fields can therefore be completely hidden or provided with the required write and read rights.

The Plausieditor creates freely definable input checks, in order to ensure greater reliability of the work process. The designs of the Table Designer form the basis for the Interface Designer.

The Interface Designer produces numerous designs for the ‘Search’ and ‘Detail view’ screens. Fields can be summarised  into groups, re-arranged or laid out completely differently. The Interface Designer therefore creates time-saving and intuitive structures, and guarantees fast and efficient working with the MT CLIENT.

The Menu Designer produces user- and role-related individual menus both for the MT CLIENT and for MT MDE. In this way, intuitive and instructive menus are created for individual process areas in the company, obviating a laborious search for the right menu point.

Alternatively, individual menu points can be provided with corresponding authorisations, in order to ensure process security.

Current situation data
Structured data
Data records from other tables
Selecting basic data in a table
Accurate data preparation and search