Perfect work processes by mobile terminals

MT MDE stands out for its ergonomic dialogue design which can be matched to the processes. The aim is the reduction of transport and processing times and the improvement of transport routes. A large number of adjustable, pre-prepared work processes are provided for this purpose for the following areas:

  • Goods receipt
  • Warehouse administration
  • Production
  • Dispatch
  • Inventory


Examples of different labelling systems in goods receipt and dispatch:

  • VW
  • GM
  • Standard VDAA


With ergonomic concepts, input sequences are checked for plausibility, reduced to manageable quantities depending on the situation and improved by means of modifiable menu guidance. Seamless re-entry into ongoing processes is also ensured in the event of errors.

For the mobile applications, role- and user-related menus are flexibly produced and order-related requirements lists (e.g. picking lists) are defined and created.

MT MDE guarantees high process reliability, and ensures with the aid of barcode- and RFID-assisted data registration efficient and continuous working.


Communicate warehouse movements in real time

With MT MDE, warehouse movements are communicated to the mobiTOUCH service in real time via mobile radio or WLAN and - if required - transmitted to a higher-level stock management system (e.g. SAP, Navision, Infor):

  • All types of material movement such as stocking or relocation
  • Container condition changes (QA conditions)
  • Source storage point or goods receipt
  • Target storage point or goods dispatch
  • Warehouse movements, quantity and condition changes can be traced back to the point of origin.

Lagerbewegungen, Mengen- und Zustandsänderungen lassen sich auf den Zeitpunkt der Entstehung zurückverfolgen.

Active integration into existing IT infrastructures

We support our customers with the integration of mobile solutions into existing IT infrastructures:

  • Definition of the specifications list on the basis of the commercial and technical requirements
  • Training and consultation on site
  • Development and implementation of rough and fine concepts
  • Active project management
  • Selection of tried and tested hardware solutions
    • Hand-held computers, industrial PCs, industrial PDAs, vehicle terminals and printers (mobile and stationary)
    • All current form factors and technologies for every application and environment
    • Test equipment in test and pilot phases on the basis of current technologies in test and pilot phases
    • Security aspects
  • Radio transmission for a stable and secure WLAN
  • Supply of high-quality barcode labels and consumable materials