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Simple and efficient communication contributes at least as much to the success of development projects as the technologies used. For this reason, SPF GmbH follows the principle of agile software development. Agile software development means customer proximity, finding and implementing flexible and practice-oriented solutions.

Agile software – agile production

Agile development methods distance themselves from specifications and their strict compliance. Rather, close communication and cooperation with the customer, flexibility and version-stable components are in the foreground.

At the beginning of a project, only a basic functionality is specified. During the entire course of the project, new or changed requirements are defined, e.g. to react quickly to changing competitive situations. Through the iterative project process, only what is really needed at the moment is developed.

Our developers work closely with the customer, receive regular and timely feedback and thus always keep an overview and control of the project.

Organisation and realisation of the project

On the basis of our mobiTOUCH frameworks, which have been refined and constantly developed over the years, we transfer projects to a new technological platform in a very short time or transfer them directly via this platform.

Our developers work closely with the customer, receive regular and timely feedback and thus always keep an overview and control over the project.

This includes, for example:

  • Replacement of e.g. EXCEL or MS Access based solutions
  • Modernisation of small solutions of obsolete technologies
  • Technological consolidation of small solutions
  • Integration of existing individual solutions into the mobiTOUCH framework

With an agile software development we follow coordinated actions and development steps on the basis of which we clearly plan and reliably meet deadlines in the interest of our customers.


  • Design or also use of an existing data model
  • Setting up the generic mobiTOUCH framework
  • Definition of the necessary designs for search, list, detail, plausibility and cockpits
  • Implementation of necessary operations
  • Definition and implementation of interfaces (via DATAPERIUM)
  • Definition and implementation of background jobs (via the event and script-capable background service MT SAB)
  • Implementation of reports and analyses (using MT CUBE)
  • Realisation of the paper output in the mobiTOUCH framework.

After the basic implementation of the new mobiTOUCH solution is completed, the customer can take over his own developments or adjustments – SPF ensures a version-stable delivery of the MT components.

The mobiTOUCH framework integrates heterogeneous data management systems at the interface into a uniform user interface. Subsequently, a uniform, modern and transaction-controlled multi-user environment is gradually introduced. Isolated solutions are systematically adopted and transferred to a stable platform – the mobiTOUCH framework is further developed in close cooperation with our customers.